Latin verbs update

I have updated the Latin verbs PDF, with minor corrections, on the Latin page of this website.  If you come across any error, please let me know and I will try to correct it as soon as I can.

Download: Latin Verbs


Latin verbs updated

At the Latin page I’ve updated the verbs with a ‘makeover.’  Full color and in Skia texttype.  The type may be too small, but we’ll see how you like it.  Please post a comment below if you’d like to say what you think of it.  Thanks

Greek Verb Paradigm

Here is a concise, printable Greek verb paradigm (pdf) of the verb παιδεύω.  You will notice that it is divided up by active and middle/passive voices — each having the indicative, subjunctive, optative, imperative and infinitive moods.  Although this one is more extensive than the previous one of λύω, I do not have participles included yet.  It is version 1.0. Later versions will eventually include them.  Also included here is the λύω paradigm.  If you find any mistakes with either one of them, please leave a comment!

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    Updated linked files

    Sooner than expected, I’ve updated each post which has a link of a printable PDF Latin or Greek chart. For now I’m ditching MediaMax because of its inconsistency and will stick with GooglePages for a while. These are only concerning the PDFs (which are only three at this point!).Here are the updates:

    • Latin — Pronouns, Verb Paradigm
    • Greek — Verb Paradigm

    More to come soon! Stay tuned…

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    For those who might be occasionally stumped with a Latin verb form, you may find this site useful: Verbix’s quick Latin verb search tool. If you know the simple first person singular, present active/deponent indicative form (e.g., facio, audio, orno, arbitror, et cetera) then you are well on your way to resolve your stumped-ness.

    Printable Latin verb paradigm

    I’ve now uploaded a printable version of the Latin verb paradigm that I have at Google Docs. The PDF is 8 pages but looks really great if you have a laser color printer and card stock paper (or Kinko’s would be an alternative). Test it out and, if you see any errors, you’re welcome to leave a comment.Download: Latin Verb Paradigm (PDF)(Coming soon: quickie charts for nouns and pronouns)

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    Latin Verb Paradigm correction

    There have been two corrections made to the imperfect active indicative III (-iō) and IV of the comprehensive Latin verb chart.  Thanks to Danny Lutz for pointing this out.  Another reminder, if anyone catches any further errors post a comment or write me.More Latin material will be posted/linked in the upcoming weeks!

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    Printable Greek verb paradigm

    In a previous post I linked my Greek verb chart with Google docs. Here is a printable Greek verb paradigm as a PDF that I have uploaded with Goowy [changed to GooglePages]. If there are any errors with the pdf or helpful suggestions you may have, leave a comment.Download: Greek verb paradigm PDF.

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    Latin Verb Paradigm

    Here is a comprehensive Latin verb paradigm chart, given in the I-IV conjugations. There are a few adjustments still needed for the chart (I may not have it color-coded for much longer). So if you see any errors with the content, please let me know:

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