Latin Verbs: Present Tense Verb Endings

I made this a few years ago and thought I would post it here for people to use if interested.  I’ve used it in my class and the students seemed to enjoy it!


Conference: Ephesus as a Religious Center under the Principate

Photo credit: Jeremy O'Clair

There is a conference scheduled at Harding School of Theology in Memphis, TN, May 2012: “Ephesus as a Religious Center under the Principate,” in honor of Richard Oster, professor of New Testament at HST.  As time passes I’m sure more detail will emerge.  It looks like it will be an interesting meeting.

Tentative presenters:
Steve Friesen— University of Texas at Austin
Ulrike Muss— University of Vienna
Elisabeth Rathmayr—Austrian Academy of Science
Peter Scherrer— University of Graz
Dan Schowalter— Carthage College
Greg Stevenson— Rochester College
Jerry Sumney— Lexington Theological Seminary
Christine M. Thomas— University of California Santa Barbara
James W. Thompson— Abilene Christian University
Trevor Thompson— Abilene Christian University
Hilke Thuer— Austrian Academy of Science
Paul Trebilco— University of Otago, New Zealand
James Walters— Boston University School of Theology


I’ve been storing files on this blog through MediaMax, but it seems to be doing a poor job of making them available.  I will soon take care of this problem, most likely this weekend, and have all the pdf files up and available through Google pages or some other free storage site.  If any of you are able to successfully open any of the documents, please leave a comment telling so.  The problem may be isolated with my computer.

stay tuned

I’ve been away quite a while since my classes and study time are occupying most of my time.  Soon I’ll probably add a post or two with one dealing with Augustus Caesar and Trajan — some observations from my Early Roman Empire course.

Settling in

I’m starting to settle in at my new living quarters in Tallahassee.  I just started the Classics program (Greek & Latin) at FSU.  Courses I’m taking are: Ancient Epic, a Prose course focusing on Cicero and Pliny the Younger, a survey of Greek and Roman civilization, and a course on the art and archaeology of the early Roman Empire.  Lots of reading, studying, and translating!  A particular interest I have, which I hope to incorporate into some of my research for the courses, is Graeco-Roman influence and culture assimilation in the area of Judea during the early Empire.  I hope to add some summary information on research efforts in the months to come.


I’m moving.  Not a blog move, but a physical move — relocation.  I’ll be moving to Florida this weekend to start a degree in Classics at FSU.  So there won’t be any blogging for the next several days (admittedly I’ve been blogging light since I started).  Until then…. I hope to post on matters relating to my courses and on various grammar attachments, etc.