Series of posts

Blogging has been practically non-existent here for quite a while.  But I’d like to start a series of posts on the dating of the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 CE.  I’ve done a little research on it and I’ll be sharing some of it here in a snippet series.  Hopefully, by doing this, it will get me back into the swing of posting here.


Emerging from hibernation

Alas!  I’m slowly emerging from blogging hibernation.  Since my last post, several months ago, I have completed my degree in Classics from FSU and have been looking for a teaching position.  There are a couple of leads and I hope to have an answer within about two weeks for one school I’m particularly interested in teaching at.

This summer I have been spending my time mostly in biblical studies, specifically focusing on the books of Genesis, Joshua, Matthew, and Revelation.  I’ve been discussing with a friend the dating of the book of Revelation.  It is a friend who holds firmly to a pre-70 C.E. dating of the book.  But that is a different topic for another day.

Thanks to all sending e-mails and posting comments concerning the usefulness of the language charts.  Hopefully once I start teaching, I resume those things.  For now, I’ve been consumed with biblical studies.  Hopefully I will get back into the swing of blogging here soon.

Silent Summer

Things have been almost non-existent, it seems, for me with blogging.  I’ve been occupying most of my time preparing for a double load of Latin in the fall.  I will be taking not only a course on Senecan Tragedy, focusing primarily on the tragedies of Thyestes and Medea, but also a course on Catullus.  Basically, I have over 3,000 lines to translate (!).  Since I’m taking another Greek course and will be starting German (again), in addition to the two Latin courses, I figured the time is now to start preparing.  I know I will regret when the fall semester begins if I do not start now.  I’m approaching completion with Seneca’s Thyestes (not translating, but familiarizing myself with the vocabulary and grammar) and will be starting Medea within the next few days.  Then about mid-July, I hope to resume going through several of Catullus’ poems.  So these are some of the things that are occupying my time.  I may blog a few short posts here and there during the summer, but for the most part it will be light.

At any rate, I hope that visitors and returning readers find what I’ve posted already useful for their ‘ancient study,’ including the Latin and Greek pages.

New Look

The new template for the blog reminds me of Halloween.  But every once in a while I decide to change the monotony up a bit.  Any thoughts of it or if you prefer the previous template look, post a comment.

Ancient Study

Hello everyone! This blog will serve as a place of ‘jotting down’ information for ancient study — particularly Greek and Roman studies and discussion and interpretation of early history of Judaism and Christianity.  Though it may, at times, serve a wider function.

At other times I may add grammar notes and points I wish to log, just for the sake of having. And maybe others can benefit from it as well.