Hello and welcome to my Ancient Study blog!  My name is Jeremy O’Clair.  The emphasis of ‘ancient study’ on this blog is focused on the Greek and Roman world (culture, history, literature) and Christian origins.  My background is in Biblical studies and Classics.

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  1. Jerry,

    I noticed you’d visited my “It’s All Greek to YOU!” blog, so I thought I’d visit yours. I notice you have a MDiv. from Harding? I’ve taught some one Latin who’s currently attending Harding, plus I’ve had some contact with Duane Warden, Ph.D., Professor, College of Bible & Religion, Harding University regarding Greek resources.

    I notice you recommend “Genius” for flash card purposes. I started (and still have) some Greek “Genius” files, but I also loaded all the 10+ N.T. Greek vocabulary up to “Flashcard Exchange” dot com. So, I don’t use “Genius” much, and I send my students to the above site: keywords “Metzger, greek, wermuth”

    Thought you’d be interested in this.

    Robert Wermuth (Covenant Seminary ’85), St. Louis, MO

    • Thanks Robert! I visited your NT Vocab link — it looks great. I’ll be visiting your site more often! I’ll add to my Greek page shortly. Yes, I received my MDiv at HUGSR (Memphis; connected with Harding U but in a different city). It was a great place to study.

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