Latin WORDS + Lion

The lovable crutch, Latin WORDS for Mac (the studious Latin student shouldn’t use it!) is not supported with the new Mac OS X Lion upgrade.  If you rely on this application, the web version will have to be the default choice until there is an upgrade for Whitaker’s WORDS. I doubt it will happen.*

* Update: Read the comments below about Interpres (or click here).

15 thoughts on “Latin WORDS + Lion

  1. I hope there’s a new version–I use it along with Verba app (Lewis-Short dictionary) because it helps with finding Latin synonyms for words and for parsing… Do you know of a way we’ll be able to find out if there’s an upgrade?

  2. I tried finding Verba but it seems the maker, Retinenda, is nowhere to be found. It would be interesting to have it and play around with it. Diogenes still works with the upgrade. The Dictionary app for Mac has a Latin plugin with Whitaker’s WORDS which is handy. It does not, however, parse and decline like WORDS or, I suppose, like Verba. As far as an upgrade, I have heard no news. But, according to this very dated page, you can contact William Whitaker, about the issue: (e-mail info at bottom of that page).

  3. If you just want the command line version of the program, I’ve recompiled the most recent source as a universal binary, and it runs fine on Lion. You can get it here:

    Unfortunately, the source for the GUI isn’t available online, so I can’t recompile that.

    I’ve been in contact with Erik Mendoza, who wrote an alternative (and nicer, to my taste) GUI wrapper around words. His program was also broken by Lion. It is available here:

    Unforunately, he’s lost the source to his GUI. But it almost works as is, by replacing the old command line binary buried inside with my newly compiled binary. There was one gotcha, which I think I’ve managed to work around, by tweaking one of the words source files and recompiling. So here is an (unofficial) copy of the, wrapped around a slightly tweaked binary of the words CLI program:


  4. Wow, thanks so much, David. This is great. I’m curious if there is a way to enhance/improve the font / text-type in a future upgrade? I wish I knew binary, coding, etc., but I do not. Still this is great. Thanks so much.

    • Thank you so much! I had noticed that WORDS wasn’t going to work with Lion, so before I updated I went out and searched and found Interpres, which claimed to be Universal, so I was really bummed when I went to use it and found that it didn’t work either! I’m very pleased that it’s been upgraded.

  5. Thank you guys so much. It’s awesome that people acted so quickly on this, and that they’ve done such a great job… Although, of course, it’d be nice if there was a more official way to do all this…

  6. Following up on fonts: Interpres uses the system default “fixed width” font. On my macbook (running Lion) that was set to Monaco 10pt.

    There is no official way to change this setting. But you can use the free Tinkertool app to change it:

    The relevant setting is under the “Fonts” tab. The relevant font is the “Fixed-pitch” font. I’m quite fond of Monaco 12pt. Other options include Menlo and Courier.

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