Daniel Wallace interview on manuscript finds

Here is a link to a short video interview with Daniel Wallace about New Testament manuscript discoveries in Albania. For more information, visit the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts.


Ancient Galilee Boat

Since my Galilee Boat post from last August is one of the more popular posts people come across through web search or other, I thought I would pass along this information I found when browsing a book I purchased in Bethlehem a couple years ago by Miriam Vamosh, Daily Life at the Time of Jesus. Here is an excerpt about the ancient boat discovered at the Sea of Galilee:

  • In 1986, the outline of a wood boat was discovered mired in the mud on the northwestern shore of the Sea of Galilee. But its shell-first, mortise-and-tenon method of construction, pottery vessels discovered with it, and the carbon-14 test, the boat could be conclusively dated to the first century CE. … The 24 by 7 foot-long craft, made of seven different species of wood including cypress and cedar, seems to have been continuously repaired over many years by a master craftsman, but in the end was apparently abandoned on the shoreline. Its burial for two thousand years in a muddy, anaerobic environment allowed for the extraordinary state of its preservation (63).

Greek Font Society returns

After a hiatus for several months the Greek Font Society has returned (actually, they simply changed from .org to .gr). If you are not familiar with their work, read the about page. I’ll let you read about it there. I’ll mention briefly that they have reproduced and made available some fantastic typefaces which are great when working in Unicode. They have updated some of the typefaces they made available previously and have also added a new section with Majescule typefaces. I highly recommend these to anyone having to write/research in the Greek language (ancient or modern).