Conference: Health and Sickness in Ancient Rome

LangfordThis weekend, Feb. 22-23, the Classics Dept. of Florida State University is hosting the 2008 Langford Conference. This year’s topic is Health and Sickness in Ancient Rome. For more details of the schedules and lectures, visit the FSU Classics page.

Organizer: Prof. Miriam Griffin (Langford Eminent Scholar FSU and Emeritus Fellow in Ancient History, Somerville College, Oxford)

Prof. Mary Beagon (University of Manchester)
Title: “Simple Gifts? The Exotic World of Roman Folk Remedies”

Prof. Glen Bowersock (Institute for Advanced Study)
Title: “Iatrosophists”

Prof. Christopher P. Jones (Harvard University)
Title: “Asclepios Mousagetes”

Prof. Vivian Nutton (University College London)
Title: “Avoiding Galen”

Prof. Svetla Slaveva-Griffin (Florida State University)
Title: “Ignore your Body: The Neoplatonic Prescription for Health”

Prof. Gareth Williams (Columbia University)
Title: “The Programmatic Value of Illness in Roman Poetry”

Prof. Anthony J. Woodman (University of Virginia)
Title: “Community Health: Metaphor in Latin Historiography”

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