I finished my first semester at FSU. I received all A’s in my courses. Now if I can maintain that tract… While on break, since I did not take the first semester of Greek I (Attic), I’m preparing for Greek II, intending to jump in at that point. There is a lot of overlap, of course, with Koine, but there are particular grammar points and vocabulary I haven’t studied before. Next semester I have lined up a few that I’m anticipating to be worthwhile: Latin — Horace (Epodes and Satires mostly), Alexander the Great, Greek II, and Pliny & Tacitus. The last one here will be taught by Miriam Griffin of Oxford. She will be visiting lecturer for the Spring, that is what I have heard. I’m cooking up a few things related to my studies: a comprehensive Greek verb chart geared more toward Classical than Biblical studies; vocabulary word list for the Pliny-Trajan correspondence, letters 10.96-97. Stay tuned! 

3 thoughts on “Break

  1. Hey Chris,
    We have been using as textbooks, Woodman’s translation of the Annals, Radice’s Pliny, Wynne Williams’ book on Pliny, Ep. 10. It has been a good but challenging course. I think I enjoy studying Pliny more than Tacitus. 🙂

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