Pliny-Trajan 10.96-97

I have uploaded a vocabulary word list for the correspondence between Pliny the Younger and emperor Trajan, letters 10.96-97, concerning the matter of Christians whom Pliny had encountered in the Roman province of Pontus-Bithynia in Asia Minor (ca. 112-114 CE).

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  • Vocabulary word list (.pdf) [to be updated]
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Greek Verb Paradigm

Here is a concise, printable Greek verb paradigm (pdf) of the verb παιδεύω.  You will notice that it is divided up by active and middle/passive voices — each having the indicative, subjunctive, optative, imperative and infinitive moods.  Although this one is more extensive than the previous one of λύω, I do not have participles included yet.  It is version 1.0. Later versions will eventually include them.  Also included here is the λύω paradigm.  If you find any mistakes with either one of them, please leave a comment!

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    I finished my first semester at FSU. I received all A’s in my courses. Now if I can maintain that tract… While on break, since I did not take the first semester of Greek I (Attic), I’m preparing for Greek II, intending to jump in at that point. There is a lot of overlap, of course, with Koine, but there are particular grammar points and vocabulary I haven’t studied before. Next semester I have lined up a few that I’m anticipating to be worthwhile: Latin — Horace (Epodes and Satires mostly), Alexander the Great, Greek II, and Pliny & Tacitus. The last one here will be taught by Miriam Griffin of Oxford. She will be visiting lecturer for the Spring, that is what I have heard. I’m cooking up a few things related to my studies: a comprehensive Greek verb chart geared more toward Classical than Biblical studies; vocabulary word list for the Pliny-Trajan correspondence, letters 10.96-97. Stay tuned!