Printable Latin verb paradigm

I’ve now uploaded a printable version of the Latin verb paradigm that I have at Google Docs. The PDF is 8 pages but looks really great if you have a laser color printer and card stock paper (or Kinko’s would be an alternative). Test it out and, if you see any errors, you’re welcome to leave a comment.Download: Latin Verb Paradigm (PDF)(Coming soon: quickie charts for nouns and pronouns)

  • Update: for the latest click on the Latin Page in the side menu.

8 thoughts on “Printable Latin verb paradigm

  1. Again, thanks for the chart (as I mentioned earlier). I’ve found one discrepancy – In the third conjugation verb ‘rego’. On your chart, the 3rd Person Plural Present Passive Indicative (reguntur) is the same as the 3rd Person Plural Future Passive Indicative (also reguntur). it should, I think, be ‘regentur’ for the latter.

    • Thanks for the notice! Sometimes it is easy for those types of things to slip past you, even when you’re being very careful. I’ve made the update and will change the PDF on the Latin page. Thanks again.

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