Colossal Hadrian

Reports in English are now emerging concerning the recent discovery of the colossal statue of Hadrian. Here are some quick excerpts:

BBC News:

The pieces of this giant monument to Hadrian were found about 5m below ground, among the buried ruins of a bath house on the site Sagalassos, an ancient mountaintop town in southern Turkey.

The statue dates to the early part of Hadrian’s reign. The elaborate decoration on the sandal suggest he was depicted in military garb.

Sagalassos Archaeological Research Project:

The discovery was made by archaeologists from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium), who, under Waelkens’ direction, have been investigating the site since 1990. Last month [i.e., June] a new excavation campaign started, and the Belgians resumed work at the Roman Bath, focusing on the southeastern corner of the complex.

In addition to these links, click the following for more:

HT to Duane Smith at Abnormal Interests.

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