Metzger’s Textual Commentary on Accordance

Accordance announces that one of the new modules is Bruce M. Metzger’s Textual Commentary on the Greek New Testament. As a Mac user, Accordance is basically the best Bible software available. This module will make a great addition for fast access to textual issues. Here is the Accordance link (or find the book form at Amazon). Here is a blurb from the site:

The second edition of this companion to the Greek New Testament discusses textual variations based on the critical apparatus. It contains a thorough explanation of each textual decision that appears in UBS4. “Most commentaries on the Bible seek to explain the meaning of words, phrases, and ideas of the scriptural text in their nearer and wider context; a textual commentary, however, is concerned with the prior question, What is the original text of the passage? That such a question must be asked – and answered! – before one explains the meaning of the text arises from two circumstances: (a) none of the original documents of the Bible is extant today, and (b) the existing copies differ from one another.”

Update: from ETC.

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